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Mission Statement – The aims of Newport school

At Newport we believe that all learners are unique individuals who are entitled to realise their full potential.

Our five strategic intents are:

  • Raising standards through the creation of a culture of excellence in learning and play, guaranteeing the minimum key skills for all.
  • Encouraging the emotional, moral, and spiritual as well as healthy physical development of our children.
  • Providing a broad, creative, inclusive and active curriculum in a learning environment that is consistently well resourced, organised, transparent, honest and stimulating; raising critical thinkers in an atmosphere of professionalism.
  • Ensure equality of access and of opportunity by celebrating differences and having respect for one another.
  • Becoming a self-managing and self-evaluating school; positively impacting on the lives of all our learners, staff, parents, carers and the community at large.

We will know we have been successful in meeting these aims when all learners leave Newport with:

* Academic achievement and fulfilment at anticipated or better rates of progress

* A commitment to life-long learning

* Self-value, esteem, confidence and respect

* Respect and consideration for all others

* A high moral code

* A sense of achievement, fond memories and friends.

* Experience success to foster a sense of fulfilment & further achievement

We will be able to meet our aims most successfully if the school leads the way in a partnership with parents, carers, multi agencies, the local community and the local authority.

The 5 aspects of the Every Child Matters agenda underpins all we do at Newport.

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